Our Mission…

Here at The Dog’s Down, it’s our mission to spread awareness of IVDD and to end the misconceptions that surround paralyzed dogs!  You and your dog can have a wonderful and fulfilling life together.  That is a fact, and we are the proof!  Head over to our gallery and you will see many disabled dogs living a great quality of life. 

We know how scary and stressful it is when your dog is diagnosed with IVDD.  That’s why we created The Dog’s Down, to give you the information and tools you’ll need to embrace your new role as a special needs dog parent.  I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned through my own experience of caring for a paralyzed dog.  You’ll learn what treatment options there are, what therapies you can try, advice and tips, products you might want, and many other things that will help you take care of your disabled dog. 

I promise that it’s worth it, and you’re not alone!  Your dog will be forever grateful to you for giving them the chance to have a great life.

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