First Camping Trip After IVDD

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Mt Laguna is one of our favorite places to go.  It is a quick getaway from the city, but it feels far away.  It has always been a place that we go to escape the bustle for a day or two.  The lakes stretch out over the meadows, surrounded by pine trees and hawks flying overhead.  Sometimes the meadows are full of cows grazing and there are trails that wind around the mountain side.  

When Cali became paralyzed we knew one thing for sure, we were not going to let it stop us from going on adventures.  After a few months of strict bed rest and then therapy, we decided it was time to go on our first camping trip since she went down.  Since camping and hiking with a paralyzed dog is a little bit different, we brought her folding wagon so we could pull her when she got tired.  It worked out pretty great and we were able to take a nice little hike through the meadows.  Cali had a big smile on her face the whole time.  She was stoked to be back in action on the trails.  

We set up at one of the campgrounds in a secluded little camp site.  We cooked by the fire while she laid beside us, wrapped in her blanket watching the sun go down.  Life is good.